intelligent kitchens, because nobody has space to waste

Today, custom-made kitchens are becoming more and more popular, where kitchen units are created in order to take advantage of the space dedicated to the kitchen, based on width, height, and depth. We should also highlight the fact that the term “custom-made” is often used with little clarity, because sometimes a kitchen is erroneously defined as custom-made (for example, in width) when it is created with modular pieces and filling fillets are fixed along sides, so the kitchen in itself appears wall to wall, however the actual usable area is smaller than the kitchen space. HT CUCINE does not believe this solution is the most intelligent, advantageous, nor that which would allow for the best use of living space. As a matter of fact, our technical office designs custom-made kitchens that take in¬to consideration the room’s measurements, based on specific width, height, and depth, integrating modular series with personalized furnishings; the same attention is given to the creation of base containers that make the entire kitchen space usable. This is how each piece is created, with different sizes, because “custom-made” means something for a specific home, not for every home! HT CUCINE is convinced that the highest level of personalization of the living space is the answer to your various furnishing needs, and that this is the only real way to create intelligent, custom-made kitchens.