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When furnishing a home, the purchase of a kitchen is the most delicate and important decision, especially with regard to quality. Understanding what you need to know before choosing a kitchen is important, because the kitchen is the interior where you spend more time than anywhere else during the day, and certainly more subject to wear, be it for daily use as well as how a kitchen is used: heat, moisture and steam. At first glance, unless we are talking about extremely low-cost kitchens, all kitchens might look the same. However, the single, individual features and details determine its true quality: frames and bases, fronts, hardware, worktop surfaces and appliances should be carefully assessed and evaluated.
1) Do you directly produce these kitchens?

Yes, for over 50 years HT CUCINE has been directly producing the kitchens at its factory in Mezzolombardo, using cutting-edge technology and equipment, based on the artisan tradition of Trentino - something that has always defined this part of Italy. HT CUCINE uses the highest quality hardware to make sure that the parts such as hinges, guides for drawers and arms for hanging units, which are more subject to stress and wear, are durable and long lasting.

2) Does HT CUCINE produce custom-made kitchens?

HT CUCINE designs and manufactures made-to-measure kitchens using the + M3 philosophy, i.e. intelligent kitchens. With our advanced manufacturing, we can produce different types of kitchens, including: linear kitchens, corner and multiple-corners, with island or pensinsula, and much more. In any case, we are always ready to answer any questions you might have..

3) What kind of doors do you offer?

Our kitchens can be fitted with numerous types of doors, with different colours, in single-tone laminate with wood-synchronized effect, Solid-Colour, in beech-maple-American walnut-light and dark oak, lacquered finish, parapan, glossy or matt acrylic, in painted, engraved and acid-etched glass, with aluminium and solid wood frames. Our price lists include all the doors and the variations available for each model; do not hesitate to inquire about the different types available - we’re sure you’ll get the answer you’re looking for.

4) I create a walk-in closet & column in the kitchen?

Yes, walk-in closets and columns are fully customized and made-to-measure, based on the furnishing needs of the customer. The programme allows you to solve your home-living needs by taking advantage of the available space. We create walk-in closets and columns that are perfectly integrated into your layout, where you can install a washing machine, dishwasher or boiler, at different heights and with a number of different sizes.

5) Can I create a "total living" kitchen and living room?

Of course. The modularity of HT CUCINE was created with the aim of managing your kitchen space, perfectly integrated with today’s modern living room. This means that you can create furnishings that are truly practical and flexible, enhanced by refined aesthetics, where the common denominator is beautiful design.

6) What are the delivery times?

Delivery takes place within 25 working days for all models except Parapan and lacquered furnishings, which require 30 working days.